2nd Meeting, November 25, 2021

The 9th online meeting of the Joint Working Group C.1. of the IAG Inter-Commission Committee on „Geodesy for Climate Research” (ICCC) was dedicated to 2nd Earth Orientation Parameter Prediction Comparison Campaign. The meeting took place on November 25th, 2021 (18:00 –20:00 CEST) and had the following agenda:

  1. Welcome – J. Nastula
  2. Submission Statistics of the 2nd EOP PC Campaign – J. Śliwińska
  3. Preliminary Scientific Results  – T. Kur
  4. Next Steps: Workshop in February 2022 and Short Note in J. Geodesy — H. Dobslaw
  5. AOB and Feedback — all
  6. Wrap-Up and Closure — J. Nastula

The recording, slides and the minutes of the meeting can be found under this link.

Details of the activities of the Working Group on the 2nd EOP PCC can be found on the IERS website.

Details of the activities of the ICCC JWG C.1: Climate Signatures in Earth Orientation Parameters can be found here.