ICCC JWG C.1: 9th Meeting on EOP Prediction

The online meeting of the ICCC JWG C.1 dedicated 2nd Earth Orientation Parameter Prediction Comparison Campaign took place on November 25th, 2021 (18:00 –20:00 CEST). The meeting had the following agenda:

1) Welcome – J. Nastula 
2) Submission Statistics of the 2nd EOP PC Campaign – J. Śliwińska
3) Preliminary Scientific Results  – T. Kur
4) Next Steps: Workshop in February 2022 and Short Note in J. Geodesy — H. Dobslaw
5) AOB and Feedback — all
6) Wrap-Up and Closure — J. Nastula

The EOP PCC Office would like to thank you for participation and active discussion during the meeting.

You can find slides and meeting recording under this link.

For you further information, we refer to IERS webpage and we encourage to follow EOP PCC webpage for latest news.