Planning 2nd EOP PCC Workshop

The EOP PCC Office, in cooperation with GFZ in Potsdam, plans to organize virtual 2nd EOP PCC Workshop in early 2022. The aim of the meeting is to present current status of the campaign and to get feedback from participants and members of the Working Group. The workshop will consist of a mix of presentations given by members of the EOP PCC Office and campaign participants. An open session with questions and suggestions from participants and members of the Working Group will also be included. We encourage EOP PCC participants to give a brief presentation about their prediction methods in general. The program of the meeting will depend on the number of colleagues willing to present.

We would like to know what are the expectations regarding the planned workshop. For this purpose, we encourage all EOP PCC participants and members of the Working Group to complete a short questionnaire, which has been sent to them by e-mail. You can also contact EOP PCC Office using contact form. This will help us plan the workshop agenda. Based on the answers received, we will try to make the workshop meet the expectations of the EOP PCC participants and Working Group members as much as possible. We will be grateful for your answers and any suggestions.