Call for participation in the Second Earth Orientation Parameters Prediction Comparison Campaign (2nd EOP PCC) – official launch on September 1, 2021

The Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CBK PAN) in Warsaw (Poland) invites you to participate in the Second Earth Orientation Parameters Prediction Comparison Campaign (2nd EOP PCC) in an effort to determine the current state of the art in Earth Orientation Parameter (EOP) predictions.

The main objective of the 2nd EOP PCC is to compare various methods, models, techniques and strategies that can be applied to the EOP prediction. Each predicted time series will be evaluated by the same statistical methods to indicate the most appropriate and trusted forecasting methodology. What is important, each prediction files have to be submitted before any EOP observations are taken in order to match the conditions under which predictions are made.

The 2nd EOP PCC is open to all. Participants are invited to submit prediction results for any of the EOP: the xp, yp pole coordinates, UT1-UTC differences between Earth rotation time and clock time, length of day (LOD), and dX, dY (or dPsi, dEpsilon) celestial pole offsets. Valid predictions of all kinds of EOP will be collected once per week in an operational setting. In contrast to the previous EOP PCC (Kalarus et al. 2010), there is no strictly defined prediction length required except that the maximum prediction horizon is 365 days.

The official launch of the 2nd EOP PCC is 1st September 2021, when the first operational predictions are expected. To take part in the campaign, each Participant should send an application to the EOP PCC Office using the registration form, which can be found here. Please note that the pre-operational phase of the campaign is still in progress. Therefore, Participants who register during that phase do not have to re-register. There is no deadline for application to the campaign and new Participants can join at any time.

After successful registration, each Participant will receive individual ID, login and password for uploading data. The instructions for data submission can be found here.

The EOP PCC Office imposes strict naming and file structure conventions. The detailed requirements for Participants regarding description of candidate registration, submission rules, and naming and file formats convention can be found in the document.

The submissions should be made always on Wednesday before 20 UTC.

For further information, we refer to IERS webpage and we encourage to follow our webpage for latest news.

In case of any questions, please contact the EOP PCC Office using e-mail address ( or contact form.

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